Fashion and styling is more than just placing various garments and accessories together. Fashion is a way to express who you are and create how you want the world to perceive you. When creating a wardrobe or specific look for my clients my primary focus is that the garments and accessories on the outside look and feel like an honest representation of a person’s most authentic self. Fashion can be loud, it can be quiet, it can be fearless or safe, but whatever fashion is to you it is always true.


FREE CLOSET CONSULTATION: This initial consultation will include an in-person visit to determine your unique lifestyle, concerns, needs and goals. During our time, we will create 2 outfits using currently owned pieces. The consultation provides a taste of the full-service closet consultation experience.

CLOSET CURATION AND LOOK BOOK: Together we edit and purge your closet and will design a photographic catalog of head-to-toe looks for various occasions. We will document individual looks as well as variations of how all the pieces in your wardrobe work together flawlessly. This look book will be a savior and the best tool you will have to allow you to easily pull together a polished outfit quickly and always feel like the best version of yourself.

PERSONAL SHOPPING: With a personal shopper, all the anxiety and remorse of shopping is removed and replaced with a carefully guided and curated experience. Whether you’re a client who wants to be involved in the shopping and selection of pieces, or you are busy and would like perfect pieces selected and brought to you, this service will thoughtfully prepare stylish, realistic options just for you.

TRAVEL PACKING: Packing for an important trip whether work or special vacation can be challenging. But imagine if you can pack with confidence. I will work with you to curate the perfect travel wardrobe using pieces in your closet. Each look will compliment the various parts of your itinerary. If there are essential items missing I will assist you in getting them in time for your trip. We will also organize and pack your luggage so all you need to do is take off. 



All brands have unique stories, visions and set of values, but having these and knowing how to use them are two different things entirely.


BRAND CONSULTING:  This is an art. It takes discipline, perseverance and research. It also takes the foresight to experiment in refining and reinventing your brand, while maintaining its true nature. Together we work to make you stand out, pushing the competition away from your spotlight, and providing the space and ability to respond to constantly changing trends and customer demands. This will add the trust and bond that will ultimately lead to long-term customer relationships, success and profitability.

LEAD STYLING: Together we work on concepts and trends for each season developing multi-layered, original content for shoots ideas ensuring and maintaining the true nature of the brand, whether is an editorial, advertising, lookbook, or online retailer. We will approve outfits prior to shooting. I will be the Stylist on Set during the shoot, directing the styling team on the trends for the season.

My Role as a Stylist on Set is:

o   Create current looks

o   Spot trends and incorporate them into your work

o   Accessorizing: hats, footwear, jewelry, etc.

o  Helping create the concept, sourcing, directing and working with the whole styling team

As a Lead Stylist, my mission is to develop and define your style, and provide you with the tools to showcase your best qualities to engage and initiate long-term and profitable relationships with your customers.



RED CARPET: There are events that come up that require a little extra to make a memorable impression. The Red-Carpet service is for when you need to attend a VIP event, whether a gala or an award ceremony and want your entire look to feel perfectly placed and out of a magazine. I will create a complete head to toe look and will connect you with celebrity hair stylists and makeup artist so you are more than picture perfect.

WEDDING: Though it’s only one day, a wedding is a day that brides have pictured and want to be a perfect extension of their style. I will work with you to achieve your perfect dream look. From dress shopping and selection to shoes, accessories and hair, you will be styled to ensure and all eyes will be on you. Wedding consultations can also extend to styling for engagement photos and/or the honeymoon. 

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